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Territoires partagés / Shared Lands   

An exploration of the territories in relation  to worldviews, histories and  the communities who inhabit them

Artists :   Jordan Bennett,  Hannah Claus,  Nadia Myre,  Sonia Robertson

Curator `  France Trépanier


28 oct. – 8 nov. 2013

Conférences, ateliers, rencontres, visites guidées, cinéma autochtone
Artists talks, workshops, gatherings, Aboriginal cinema, guided tours


9 nov. – 15 déc. 2013

Shared Lands is part of Mawita’jig – Aboriginal art and vision

Communiqué de presse (PDF) | Présentation de la commissaire et des artistes (PDF) | Programme détaillé (PDF) 

Mawita’jig is a Mi’gmaq word meaning to gather  together.  The three-year project Mawita’jig – Aboriginal Art and  Vision intends to bring together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal  communities of MRC Avignon. It builds on the  strength of artistic voices to nurture open and respectful  encounters. The project encourages collaborations  between artists and communities. The first Phase of  Mawita’jig took place from June to October 2012.

Shared Lands, the second phase of the project, is developed  around the theme of the land - ancestral lan ds,  imagined lands, contested lands, shared lands. During  the twelve days of the creative residency, the artists will  explore the land, allowing it to shape their artistic proposals.

The engagement between the artists and the  community will be guided by conversations, meetings  and celebrations - at the heart of creation.

Shared Lands is led by guest curator France Trépanier  (Mohawk/French) with artists Jordan Bennett (Mi’gmaq),  Hannah Claus (Mohawk), Nadia Myre (Algonquin),  Sonia Robertson (Ilnu). Their artworks will investigate  the complexity, richness and ambiguity of this notion  - sometimes accepted, sometimes disputed - of shared  lands.

Art critics Caroline Loncol Daigneault and Guy Sioui Durand  (Wendat) will participate in the many conversations, witness  the engagement between artists and communities  and then write an essay to be published in 2014.

The exhibition Shared Lands will venture into a universe where Indigenous worldview, interc onnectivity and orality  all play a leading role. For the duration of the exhibition,  a program of interpretation and cultural mediation  will be offered in the gallery. This program will promote  a fuller understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal  contemporary art.

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