APPEL DE DOSSIERS | Barachois in situ 2022

Call for projects | Barachois In Situ | 4th Edition

In situ creation event | August 20th to the 28th 2022

Deadline : December 15th, 2021

Vaste and Vague’s Percé satellite office invites professional artists, or artists in the process of professionnalisation to submit a project proposal for the 4th edition of Barachois In Situ, scheduled to take place from August 20th to the 28th, 2022. For this year’s edition, whose conceptualization has taken place under the banner of What binds us together, accepted artists will, for the first time, benefit from a one-week research and prospection period, from April 17th to the 23rd, 2022.



Barachois In Situ is an in situ creation event that takes place within the Barachois community, a majority anglophone community that can be found between Percé and Gaspé. The 2022 edition’s creation activities will mainly take place on the beach and at the village train stop, near the bridge that crosses the train tracks, at the entrance of Malbaie’s coastal lagoon (right beside route 132). We hope that the Thompson General Store can be included and featured with this year’s event.


Andrée-Anne GIASSON, Gaspé (accompagnée par Émilie Cardu-Beauquier, Montréal) COSTUME DE PLAGE
COSTUME DE PLAGE, Andrée-Anne Giasson et Émilie Cardu-Beauquier, Barachois In Situ, 2018



This edition intends to incite artistic reflection around the notion of bonds, a concept that can be unpacked through a multitude of definitions; whether it refers to social and relational connections, systemic networks—both natural and imagined, interactions and relationships that may be encouraged or discouraged through the use of new technologies, and/or an affective link developed in relation to the  land and the communities that live there. Artists addressing these notions will be prioritized. Since our very first 2016 edition, we have noticed that the experience between the artists and the public, both those familiar and not familiar with contemporary arts practices, constitutes an important current for Barachois In Situ. In this context, the bond becomes an « element that reunites, that attaches two or more things between themselves, ensures their connection, creates a rapport that becomes one that is perceived and understood by the soul. » [1] The projects we are searching for with What binds us together inscribe themselves in an approach where the work and the process are intrinsically linked to their context of creation and presentation. Note that ephemeral land installations are equally encouraged and welcomed.

For this year’s edition, we would like to develop the project in three distinct phases :



Selected artists will benefit from a one-week prospection residency at Barachois, from April 17th to April 23rd, 2022. This week is ideal for exchange and encounter with the other artists, as well as with the community and the land, within the perspective of facilitating possibly collaborations.



From August 20th to August 25th, 2022, selected artists will benefit from a 5-day production period at Barachois. The production space will be open to passing members of the public that are interested and curious to discover the work during production.



From August 25th to August 28th, the artists will be invited to present their work to the public in the form of in situ installations, performances, collaborations with other artists or local community members, workshops, or even ephemeral expositions.


*Please note that a call for local [2] interdisciplinary artists (musicians, theatre professionals, storytellers, artisans, ect.) will also be sent out.

Collaboration is encouraged and welcomed but absolutely not obligatory.



  • The artist must take the fragility of Barachois’ natural environment and the respect of that environment into account.


  • Projects can take place on the beach, at the train stop or in the village. The organizing committee will guide the artist in their final choice of creation and presentation spaces.


  • The beach area is easily accessible on foot. However, access to the beach with a vehicle is limited.


  • The tides can create strong water currents underneath the iron bridge which makes anchoring impossible. Floating work must stay close to the shore.


  • The artist must be able to work primarily autonomously throughout their production process. Technical assistance can be made available, but the Barachois team is composed mainly of volunteers and continuous assistance cannot be guaranteed.



In April 2018, Malbaie’s coastal lagoon – the largest wetland in Gaspésie, was officially designated a global geosite under UNESCO, and named the “UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé”. In fact, the local fauna and flora are remarkable. The history of Barachois is just as extraordinary, and over time, the territory has borne witness to a succession of different phases of occupation. First identified in 1603 by Champlain, this area rapidly became a safe station for the establishment of hunters and fishermen, in the winter as well as the summer months. First nations, Irish, Basque, Portuguese, French and Jersey persons stayed or established themselves in the area. In the 19th century, Barachois was a prominent place for international fish trading, to the same degree that New England is today. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was designated one of the most important areas for sawmills and naval construction. Today, rural devitalization represents a substantial challenge for the business sector, especially after the closing of the village’s school and the stop to railway and autocar services. The village is largely unknown by the public, located on the margins of traditional tourist circuits, despite a certain resurgence in striped bass sports fishing, among other activities. The Barachois coastline is also an area affected by coastal erosion due to climate change.



Projects will be judged according to the following criteria :


  • Project based on encounter, exchange and with an in situ creation process ;


  • Pertinence of the project with respect to relational notions : links and bonds;


  • Feasibility;


  • Originality of the project proposed.






  • The artist will receive a production stipend that includes distribution rights of 2000$ CAN, taxes included.


  • A production budget of 500$, upon presentation of receipts.


  • Travel costs will be refunded, up to a maximum of 500$, upon presentation of receipts.


  • Artists will be provided with room and board from April 17th to the 23rd 2022 as well as from August 19th to the 28th, 2022.


  • Three meals will be offered to artists for the duration of both stays.


Food allergies and dietary restrictions and specificities will be respected.


***We encourage artists and creators to self identify in order to further foster the composition of a pluralist representation of diversity.


*In order to stimulate the inclusion of a variety of artists with differing life paths and experiences, we are accepting submissions that diverge from that of a traditional call for submissions. As such, videos, or sound recordings of a maximum of 2 minutes will be accepted and can be accompanied by one or several of the documents listed above.




  • A project proposal (maximum of 500 words in PDF format) including your intention as it relates to notions of encounter and collaboration


  • An artist statement (maximum of 300 words in PDF format)


  • 5 to 12 images of recent projects accompanied by a documentation list describing each piece (medium, year, dimensions, intention).


  • A link for video documentation (maximum 5 minutes)


  • Press folder (optional)


Please send us your file with a drive link, or via Wetransfer ( at with the subject line reading : Proposal – Barachois In Situ 2022.


→ Deadline December 15th, 2021, 23 h 59.


Please fill in the online registration form found below ;

[1] Centre national de ressources textuelles et lexicales. (2012). Link. In Lexicographie. Consulted on  November 3rd, 2021 at

[2] In this context, the term « local » refers to artists whose main residence is located within the Gaspésie territory.


Marie-Claude Gendron, Barachois In Situ 2022 project coordinator | 438 270-5563